Sunday 5 January 2014

Happy New Year, Missing Lou Already

Happy New Year all. I hope you had a good Winter break and you are not suffering from extreme diets and abstinence too much.

I realized moments after making my last post that there was a glaring omission from my last update in that I failed to mention the passing of Lou Reed.

Lou and the Velvets were a massive, massive influence on the band. We had a full time viola player for one thing and songs like ‘I have found the way’ and – even more obviously – ‘Nina Says’ were shameless VU / Lou steals. So as my small tiny tribute, some YouTube links, firstly to the recorded version of ‘Nina Says’ (now something of a rarity as this didn’t make it to the Lo-Fi Sounds compilation) as well as one of my favourite Lou solo songs the beautify and perennially miserable ‘Coney Island Baby’.

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