Saloon played a fair few gigs in their time. Admittedly not always to a packed house. I have tried to list all on here. I know it is accurate until 1.9.2001 but after that it is a bit sketchy. Any help filling this in would be appreciated. Please message me if you have any tapes, photos, flyers that we can add to the archive. Thank you.

04/04/98 The Fox and Hounds, Caversham (with The Berk Twins) [blog, audio]
09/04/98 Alleycat Live, Reading (with Blue Seed and Enertia)
20/06/98 Alleycat Live, Reading (with Metro and Roscoe)
18/07/98 Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading (with Amoeba and Cascade)
31/07/98 Alleycat Live, Reading (with Metro)
07/08/98 The Star, Caversham (DJ support)
13/08/98 The Garage, Highbury (with Thorn and Kingsize)
15/08/98 The Elm Tree, Oxford (with Moose County)
27/08/98 Alleycat Live, Reading (with Featurelength)
30/09/98 The Hope and Anchor, Islington (with Buster Friendly)
16/10/98 Lost the Plot, Reading University (Dance All-Nighter) [photos]
14/11/98 Fez and Firkin, Reading (Readipop night with The Makers)
10/12/98 Pierre Victoires, Reading (with Luka) [photos]
14/01/99 Alleycat Live, Reading (with Bellatrix & Powis Square)
22/01/99 Alleycat Live, Reading (with Stingray and Isolation)
12/02/99 The Star, Caversham (with Arcade)
17/02/99 The Garage, Highbury (with The Rocketmen & The Cheesecake)
20/03/99 Alleycat Live, Reading (Readipop with Powis Square, Burt & Chocolate Starship) [photos]
02/06/99 Alleycat Live, Reading (with Stereolab)
22/06/99 The Water Rats, King's Cross, London (with Vyvyan & Cookers) [photos]
04/07/99 Bracknell Festival, South Hill Park, Bracknell
10/07/99 Truck '99 Festival, Steventon, Oxon [photos]

Futurismo Release Tour

02/08/99 The Victoria, Derby (with Lazer Guided & Placid)
03/08/99 The Pump and Tap, Leicester (with Lazer Guided)
04/08/99 The Jericho Tavern, Oxford (with Muum & Lazer Guided) [photos]
05/08/99 Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading (with Lazer Guided & British Sea Powers)

20/09/99 The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London (with Lazer Guided & Mogul)
04/10/99 The Water Rats, King's Cross, London (with Miss Mend & Inner Sleeve)
07/10/99 The Jericho Tavern, Oxford (with Miss Mend)
15/10/99 Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading (with Billy Mahonie & Lazer Guided)
05/12/99 Upstairs at The Garage, Highbury (with Stroppy & Nermal)
01/02/00 Reading University, Reading (DJ support) [Did this happen?]
24/02/00 The Portland Arms, Cambridge (with Hofman & Bomba Fonda)
25/02/00 The Jug of Ale, Birmingham (with Grover & The Starries)
26/02/00 21 South Street, Reading (with Laika)
31/02/00 Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading (with Whispering Bob and Lazer Guided)
23/04/00 The Monarch, Camden, London (Track & Field all dayer with Salako, Butterflies of Love, I am Kloot etc.) [photos]
16/05/00 Club Kitten, HQ's Camden, London (with Chicano and Sludgefest) [photos]
29/05/00 The Red Eye, London (with Nursury and Sleepflower)
09/06/00 The Star, Caversham (DJ support)
10/06/00 The Point, Oxford (with Narco)
01/07/00 The Jug of Ale, Birmigham (with The Regulars and Mark Hibbett) [photos]
23/07/00 Truck 2000 Festival, Steventon, Oxon

UK Tour with Mah*gany and Curtis Newton

03/08/00 The Lift, Brighton (with Mahogany & Curtis Newton) [photos]
04/08/00 Bristol Comedy Pub, Bristol (with Mahogany & Curtis Newton) [photos]
05/08/00 The Cavern, Exeter (with Mahogany & Curtis Newton) [photos]
08/08/00 The Charlotte, Leicester (with Mahogany & Curtis Newton) [photos]
09/08/00 The Jug of Ale, Birmingham (with Mahogany & Curtis Newton) [photos]
10/08/00 The Portland Arms, Cambridge (with Mahogany & Curtis Newton)
11/08/00 Track and Field, The Betsey Trotwood, London (with Mahogany & Curtis Newton) [photos]
12/08/00 The Rising Sun, Reading (with Mahogany & Curtis Newton) [photos, audio]

20/09/00 RoTa, Night and Day, Manchester (with Pariah, Tompaulin and Post Human)
21/09/00 Purr at Moles Club, Bath (with Kicker) [photos]

(Recording '(this is) what we call progress')

21/10/00 RoTa, Notting Hill Arts Centre, London (with The Clientele and Big Eyes) [photos]
15/12/00 Fortuna Pop! Night, Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London (with Action Time, Airport Girl & The Pines) [photos]
16/12/00 The Rising Sun, Reading (with Airport Girl and Herman Dune)
11/01/01 Track and Field Winter Sprinter, Toynbee Hall Arts Centre, London (with January & Airport Girl) [photos]
17/02/01 Pop A Go Go Festival, The Boardwalk, Sheffield [photos]
31/03/01 The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading (with Chikinki and The Regulars)

(Mixing '(this is) what we call progress' in New York)

12/05/01 Strange Fruit, Upstairs at the Garage, Highbury (with Blusher) [photos]
18/05/01 The Freebutt, Brighton (with Sonic Catering Band)
26/05/01 RoTa, Notting Hill Arts Centre (with Sonic Catering Band, Tears in X Ray Eyes, The Devics) [photos]
28/06/01 Purr Club, Bath Moles, Bath (with Madnomad and Stars on the Water) [photos]
19/07/01 Track and Field, Toynbee Hall, Aldgate, London (with Birdie)
22/07/01 Happy Robots, The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading (with Electrelane, Pram, Kaito, Portal etc)
25/07/01 Bitterscene, The Bassment, Chelmsford (DJ support)
15/08/01 Radio 4 Poptones at Notting Hill Arts Club, London (with Great Lakes)
16/08/01 The Social, Nottingham (with Great Lakes and Tompaulin) [photos]
17/08/01 The Cluny, Newcastle (with Great Lakes and Tompaulin)
18/08/01 Nice 'n Sleazy's, Glasgow (with Great Lakes and Tompaulin)
19/08/01 Joseph’s Wells, Leeds (with Great Lakes and Tompaulin) [photos]
20/08/01 Barfly, Cardiff 20/08/01 (with Great Lakes and Tompaulin) [photos]
21/08/01 Toynbee Hall Arts Cafe, London (with Great Lakes) [photos]
1/09/01 (3pm) Audioscope at The Zodiac,Oxford 1/09/01 (with Meanwhile back in Communist Russia, Avrocar, Kaito, Dustball, Stumble, Headcount and more) 
(9pm) The Scala, London (with Tompaulin, The Loves, Kicker and more) [photos]

(From this date on any help with dates venues would be helpful)

13/09/01 The Monarch, London (recorded for XFM) [photos]
October / November, Poptones, Notting Hill (???)
10/01/02 Toynbee Hall, Aldgate, London (Track and Field Winter Sprinter with Electrelane) [photos]
11/01/02 The Freebutt, Brighton  (Did this happen??)
12/01/02 The Portland Arms, Cambridge (with Man from Uranus as Gentleman's Radio Hour) [link]

UK tour supporting Dressy Bessy (blog)

13/01/02 The Social, Nottingham [photos]
14/01/02 Night and Day Cafe, Manchester (with Dressy Bessy)
15/01/02 Nice and Sleezys, Glasgow (with Dressy Bessy) [photos]
16/01/02 The Adelphi, Hull  (with Dressy Bessy)
17/01/02 Joseph's Well, Leeds (with Dressy Bessy) [photos]
18/01/02 The Cluny, Newcastle  (with Dressy Bessy)
19/01/02 Batofar, Paris (with Dressy Bessy) [photos]
21/01/02 The Betsey Trotwood , (with Dressy Bessy) (audio, photos
16/02/02 The Spitz, London (with Herman Dune) [photos]
31/03/02 Pow! to the People The Monarch, London (Track and Field all dayer
with The Butterflies of Love, Camera Obscura, Black Nielson, Cane 141 & more) [photos]
02/04/02 The Iguana, Reading «LP playback plus Saloon DJ's»
05/04/02 The Louisiana, Bristol (with Chikinki)

08/04/2002 (this is) what we call progress (UK Release date, Heat 04 Track & Field CD/LP)
09/04/2002  (this is) what we call progress (US Release date Darla Records CD)

09/04/02 The 13th Note Café, Glasgow (plus support?)
10/04/02 Royal Park, Leeds (plus The Seven Inches?)
11/04/02 REPEAT at The Portland Arms, Cambridge (with Cherry bombs and Form = Function)
12/04/02 Wombat Wombat, The Ferryboat, Norwich (with Kicker, Phnom Penh and Nevergreen) [photos]
13/04/02 The Betsey Trotwood, Faringdon, London (plus support TBC)
14/04/02 The Guinette Pirate, Paris with Satan’s Fingers (featuring members of Herman Dune)
22/4/02 The Borderline, London (with Spearmint)
9/07/02 Full Length, The ICA, London (performing 'soundtrack' to Chris Marker's La Jetee) with Sand (performing with Tarkovsky's, Stalker) Saloon's 100th gig!
20/07/02 The Jug of Ale, Birmingham with Tender Trap and The Regulars [photos]
21/07/02 Gojonnygogogogo 2, Joseph's Well, Leeds weekender (with Mika Bomb, Bearsuit, Seven Inches, Kicker, Spraydog, Tender Trap, Big Eyes, Fosca, Ballboy and more) [photos]
27/07/02 CONTEM-POP-RANEA Festival, Alburquerque, Provincia de Badajoz, Spain [photos]
2/8/02 - 4/8/02 A Weekend of Happy Robots 2, The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading (with Dressy Bessy, Manitoba, The Projects, Printed Circuit, I am Robot and Proud, Adria, Bearsuit, Tender Trap, Lorna plus more)
07/08/02 The John Peel Show, Maida Vale, London (with Dressy Bessy) [photos, video]
Two Holland dates
16/08/02 The Toynbee Hall, London [photos]

Netherlands 2002 Tour

07/09/02 The Vera, Groningen, Holland [photos]
08/09/02 Rotown,  Rotterdam [photos]
10/09/02 The Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland [photos]

19/10/02 The ICA, London, SW1 (with Quickspace, Movietone, Wigwam, The Projects) [review]

[In studio recording second album]

17/01/03 The Guinguette Pirate, Paris (with Of Montreal) [photos, video]
19/01/03 (date?) Le Grand Mix,  Lille, France (with Of Montreal) [photos]
14/02/03 Croydon Clock Tower, Croydon (performing 'soundtrack' to Chris Marker's La Jetee) [photos]
17/02/03 Talbot Hotel, Stoke-on-Trent (with Jen Schande and one other) [photos]
07/03/03 Nouveau Casino, Paris (with Satan's Fingers and Fashion Show) [photos]
28/03/03 (? Did we play on this date, listed on Rattail with no photo?)
28/05/03 Bush Hall, London  (with Damon and Naomi and The Clientele)

Summer 2003 Tour [Blog

05/06/03 The Water Rats, London  (with Kicker) [audio, photos]
07/06/03 The Jug of Ale, Birmingham (with Kicker) [audio, photos]
08/06/03 Tmesis Bar, Manchester (with Kicker) [audio, photos]
09/06/03 The Magnet, Liverpool (with Kicker and American Analog Set) [photos]
10/06/03 The Royal Park, Leeds (with Kicker and American Analog Set (?)
11/06/03 The Grapes, Sheffield (with Kicker)
12/06/03 The Priors Inn, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk (plus support)
13/06/03 Stereo, Glasgow (with Multiples and American Analog Set)
14/06/03 Baby Tiger, Caledonian Backpackers, Edinburgh, Scotland (with American Analog Set and Homescience)
15/06/03 Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (with American Analog Set)
16/06/03 Talbot Hotel, Stoke-on-Trent (plus support) [audio, photos]
17/06/03 Soundhaus, Northampton (with a severe lack of audience)
18/06/03 Bitterscene, The Bassment, Chelmsford [photos]
19/06/03 The Cavern, Exeter (supporting British Sea Power)
20/06/03 Barfly Cardiff, Kingsway, Cardiff (with The Loves and some shit local band)
21/06/03 Poptoys, 21 South Street, Reading (with Desdemona and The Projects)

17/07/03 The Ferryboat, Norwich (with Postalowa and Kid Atom)
19/07/03 Truck Festival, Abingdon, Oxon [photos]

Scandinavian 2003 Tour...(Dates, venues?) 

(Two dates missing)
05/09/03 Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden [photos]
06/09/03 Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden [photos]

12/09/03 Guinguette Pirate, Paris [photos]


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  1. Just discovered this website by accident. Back in the day was a keen follower of Saloon and first saw the groop support Stereolab at the Alley cat and then much later a show at South Street. I seem to recall buying some t-shirts and various singles through a 'fish tank' website? Great stuff and thank you for posting so many tracks on soundcloud - really excellent.