Thursday, 4 April 2013

A museum filled with timeless animals

Reading Heritage Map
The 4th April is always a special day for Saloon, not only is it Matt’s birthday but it is the anniversary of our first gig. This year is the 15th anniversary which is a scary thing as it still seems so recent. Time is a cruel mistress. My recollections and an audio recording of the night can be found on an earlier blog post. Listening back at it, I think it has been transferred from tape a bit fast so I may try to re-master it at the correct speed at some point.

Tonight also is the launch of an event organised by the good people at Readipop called “Reading on Tour” which aims to uncover the town’s rich musical heritage and stories from the Reading music scene past and present. The event takes place at 7pm at Reading Museum’s Windows Gallery and will unveil two heritage trails that can be walked around the town. I am sure it will be fun, sadly I can’t make it but hopefully Matt will be able to fly the flag.

Finally I was very sad to read the news that the author Iain Banks has terminal cancer. Over the last year I have many of his books, notably most of the Culture cycle. He has a fantastic vision and wit, and by bringing his distinctive literary voice to ‘genre fiction’ he is certainly the most exciting writer in the field. Sending best wishes for Mr Banks and his friends and family.

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