Friday, 8 March 2013

Saloon on Gideon Coe

The fantastic Gideon Coe played two tracks from the first Saloon session last night 'Spacer' and 'Girls are the new boys'. Gideon has continued to play a number Saloon tracks over the years. Interesting on this occasion to hear us back-to-back with 'Geek love' by Bang Bang Machine (the other 'controversial' Festive 50 poll toppers, a lovely song that I used to have on a C90 way-back),

Anyway, you can listen to Gideon's show on the Radio 6 website for the next seven days. 

Salkoon (sic) Session
Gideon's show is always a brilliantly eclectic blend of alternative, left-field, new wave, ska, reggae and other stuff so it is always great to hear Saloon in the mix. Also fun to hear live favourite ‘Spacer’ again, as the only other recording on the ‘Blue demo’ has never been released before (and out of sheer stubbornness I refuse to post it online).

Sadly someone mistyped our name (‘Salkoon’) as shown on our BT box.

Back a few years ago Gideon also played ‘Arthur and Martha’ a fair bit, spinning both singles ‘Autovia’ and ‘Music for Hairproducts’ as well as plugging the album. When he last played us he announced that we were busy in the studio recording the next album. I don't know where he got that idea from, but who knows now, stranger things have happened.

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