Monday 10 December 2012

Singing Adams

Currently Matt is the guitarist in Singing Adams who have a new album out called ‘Moves’
The lead singer of Singing Adams is Steven Adams formerly of Hofman, who were quite loud and Pixie-ish and were played a lot by Lamacq in the late 90’s and Broken Family Band who sounded like a Cambridge Herman Dune and were incredibly popular in comparison to any of the rest of us. Personally of his two bands I preferred Hofman but perhaps that is me just being contrary. Saloon played with both of Steve’s previous bands both of which were infinitely more slick, professional, loud, erudite, better dressed and popular than Saloon ever were.

They recently released this video called ‘Dead End’ which is taken from their new album.

To me the repeated two chords sounds vaguely like The Good Life from the second Saloon album. Only faster, and more professional and erudite. 

Even their flipping embedded YouTube video is bigger than the Saloon one. 

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